InstructorSandeep Mehta
TypeOnsite Course
Time1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
PlaceHanna Boys Center Auditorium, 17000 Arnold Drive, Sonoma CA 95476

Class led by creator Dicki Johnson Macy, founder of Boston Children’s Foundation

Come attend an introduction workshop to Rainbowdance(R), an expressive therapy for kids age 2-7 created by Dicki Johnson Macy, founder of Boston Children’s Foundation. This is the arts therapy that is currently being used at Sonoma Charter School for K-3rd graders.

This interactive workshop, led by Dicki Johnson Macy and Hanna Institute Assistant Director Nick Dalton,  will cover not only the science and research behind Rainbowdance, but will also include the experience of enjoying what it is to be a kid again!

The experiential portion will include music, parachute play, animal improv, and more

Space is limited and RSVP is required

Other Ways to Register

Email or call Nick Dalton at 707-933-2563

More Information

Rainbowdance, Boston Children’s Foundation’s attachment enhancing intervention, for toddlers and preschool children, encourages the experience of collective harmony.

The beginning ritual circle establishes a sense of containment, safety and empowerment as the children repeat weekly, a sequence of gesture integrated  songs which are easily mastered. Infants express their needs through vocalization and movement.

It is this expression that Rainbowdance assists children of trauma and relocation (adoption and immigration) in recovering.  The repetitive content of this intervention assures the establishment of safety, dependability and trust,  the necessary precursor to other  anticipated goals: promotion of self esteem and self regulation.

The physical relationship of working in circle format promotes attachment through the action of visual and acoustic mirroring, reducing the sense of isolation experienced by children of early trauma and disorganized attachment. The positive experience of moving together, rhythmically lulled by familiar music, contributes to the developing and internalized resource base which children will access in times of conflict or threat.

Dynamically moving between affiliation and solitude, the children interact  dancing  and playing: the retreat into solitude  promotes the developing sense of self as each child internalizes the experience of engagement..  (arousal sequencing). Engagement with a trusting peer group  increases the  individual and collective competency needed for exploring, risk taking and relationship building.

The gross motor component of Rainbowdance provides children with a  symbolic journey into the world of Nature and relationship as they dance the movements of horses, lions and rabbits, and care for the vulnerable baby birds.

Following this adventure, children wind down to listen to a soothing story, which provides a smooth transition into the Ending Circle lullaby. Symbolically, children care for babies in the final segment, modeling the care they have received or aspire to receive. This posture promotes the reciprocity of giving and receiving.

It encourages the growth of an empowered and self nurturing child.

– Founder: Dicki Johnson Macy, BC-DMT, LMHC , M.ED