InstructorNick Dalton
TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 6, 2017 - Nov 17, 2017

Rainbowdance© is a playful, structured activity of repetitive song, movement and gesture. Led by a trained facilitator, it encourages self-esteem, self-regulation and social empathy. More infants and toddlers are attending full time day care and lack sufficient one-on-one bonding. Rainbowdance provides children with the opportunity for such bonding, while also providing healthy relationship-building among a peer group. For vulnerable populations, this can be the experience that steers them away from violent behaviors. The sequence of stories and improvisations has been developed as a continuum for toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarten children transitioning to elementary schools. Sequences address the unique challenges of each developmental age group.

Workshop participants receive:

  • All training handouts including the Rainbowdance© Music
  • Certificate of Completion for the Basic Rainbowdance© Training
  • Use of licensed material to conduct one 6 month Rainbowdance© program at your facility, with
  • Supervision and technical assistance provided by Rainbowdance© staff
  • Eligibility to attend the Rainbowdance© Advanced Training and become a Licensed Rainbowdance© Provider RainbowDance

This training is appropriate for a variety early education and therapy providers, including teachers, early intervention specialists, childcare providers, mental health clinicians, occupational therapists, and expressive art therapists.