At the Hanna Institute we want to show you our work. We want to share the work we’re doing out in the community and make sure you have access to all of the information we’re collecting and sharing.


At Hanna Institute we host brilliant events and trainings geared toward educating and leading our community in trauma-informed care and community healing. But if you weren’t able to attend, we still want to share the experience with you. Below, you’ll find videos from some of our recent events and speaker series.

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February, 2020 – As part of the Hanna Institute’s Networking Series, Rhythmic Minds Co-Founders Max Kline and Jonah Scott demonstrated how teens and young adults engage in their own empowerment and inspiration through Group Process, Lyric Writing and Beat Production. Growing up within the multitude of environmental challenges facing marginalized communities, many youth experience tremendous amounts of trauma over the course of their upbringing. This trauma can significantly impede their pyscho-social and emotional development, limit their capacity to form and maintain meaningful relationships, and disrupt their ability to self-regulate. These youth are often resistant to and uninspired by conventional methods of talk therapy. But new types of therapy, such as Rhythmic Minds, can make a substantial difference in the lives of these kids.


September 2019 – In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Hanna Institute proudly hosted the indomitable Dolores Huerta at the Hanna Boys Center campus. It was a day long community celebration with Ms Huerta, who is one of the most influential labor activists of our time. Ms Huerta shared her incredible stories of perseverance and inspired us to continue to build the resilience and strength of our great community.


June 2019 – Hanna Boys Center proudly welcomed Dr. Nancy Dome, Executive Director, EPOCH Education, as the featured speaker at this event in our 2019 Professional Networking Breakfast Speaker Series. Dr. Dome is a renowned speaker and leader on Equity in school systems and workplaces with over 20 years in the education field as a child care worker, a teacher, and a professor. Dr. Dome offered up a framework of how to hold conversation with the “other,” as a means of putting people before politics, as well experiential insight into our own personal bias.

Hanna Institute is thrilled to bring you the best in speakers, training, community programs, and networking opportunities.

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